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Our Mission and Commitment

LSISS brings relative training and business solutions to your home or job.  Our classes are conducted professionally, by subject matter experts, in a supportive environment with relative examples and real world experience.  Our business continuity solutions focus on prevention; policy, controls and safety. We go a step further by offering internal investigations.

Our commitment # 1: Is to offer relative training to a broad spectrum of clients with integrity, professionalism holding to the dream of why we are doing what we love doing; helping others succeed.  Going wherever our services is needed and requested whether its punching out across Texas or taking the show on the road to international destinations.

Our commitment # 2: Is to bring information and concepts in an environment that is positive respectful, laid back but yet also challenging.  You will enjoy the experience!

Our commitment # 3: Offering business solutions tailored to your needs with pricing that is fair but yet competitive.


Without training, we are nothing but a liability.
— Pat Rogers, EAG Tactical - RIP Pat!

Corporate Social Responsibility...(How we intend to give back)

  • To responsibly provide the best customer solutions and service we can

  • Supporting local business

  • Supporting local volunteer fire departments and police departments

  • Supporting veterans and veterans assitance programs in the local area



  • Supporting the hemophilia and bleeding community

  • Passing the legacy on to the next generation

  • Making our community better by being involved

  • Living the change we promote and teach