NRA Mess and Drama

Until the NRA cleans its house, LSISS will no longer endorse the NRA in classes, materials and on social media. LSISS will not be canceling our Life Membership but until the NRA brings fundamental changes, we must step aside and put some distance between us. The changes that the NRA must bring about:

1) Wayne LaPierre and resigning

2) Term Limits for all Board Members and 100% attendance in all board meetings

3) Reducing the number of board members to a manageable number

4) Financial Transparency

5) Recommitting itself to fighting for our 2A rights. It's more important now than it ever was and this is a fight that we can not falter on.

The NRA has a massive voice, long reach, and a massive war chest but it needs to get its house in order.

DBA - Lone Star Kurdistan Integrated Solutions

Part of the company vision has been to do business in Kurdistan. Our DBA is in fact Lone Star Kurdistan Integrated Solutions.

I have had a passion for many years to work and offer services in Kurdistan. As our business morphs, there may be news that pops up about Kurdistan.

Kurdistan is northern Iraq. Iraqis call it Iraq but everyone north of the line, calls it Kurdistan. They are worthy long time allies but for some reason the US gov keeps sh***** on them. Its my goal to try to change that in any small way I can. Kurdistan is a culturally mixed society consisting of Kurds, Christians, Yazidies, Turkmen, Arabs, Persians, Syrians, Armenians and others. Its a complicated society but worth our support and help whenever possible.

LTC CLASS - 8 Sep 2018


*Private class

8 Sep 2018, 1300 hrs
Days Inn and Suites
1610 S. Dumas Ave

Approximately 5 hours in the class room and an hour at the range.  

Will need a minimum of five students to hold the class.  Please send an email through the LSISS web site to hold your spot.  


All information regarding class and required bring a longs is on the LTC Class page on the web site.  

Welcome and spread the word!

LSISS will start by offering classes in LTC, Basic Handgun, Advanced Handgun 1, Advanced Handgun 2 and Gunfighter Medicine Class

We are growing and will be offering more in the near future as other partners come on board.