Basic Handgun Class

Range Day.jpg

This is where the journey begins.....

This class is for new firearms handlers or those who want revisit the basics. This is the crawl and walk stages of learning how to employ a firearm.  It is 8 hours in length.  Four hours in the class room and four hours on the range.


  • An open mind ( and leave home the ego! )

  • Pen and paper

  • Weather appropriate clothing, solid foot wear. No sandals or flip flops allowed!

  • Water

  • Quality Firearm (CZ, Smith and Wesson etc)

  • Quality holster (HTC, Raven Concealment, Crossbreed etc) or your chosen carry method (purse, Go Bag etc)

  • 300 rounds of ammunition for your specific firearm

  • At least three magazines or speed loaders and pouch to carry

  • $200